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Client: sentir hoy /Reiki
Web Design.
  Client: Café Sibarita/Coffee makers
Web redesign.
  Client: Casa de Arce/Events
Web Design.
  Client: Friends/Travel Agency
Web Design.
  Client: Énfasis/Publishing Group. Business Event Organizers
Food Technology Summit & Expo/ Conference registration Portal.
Web Design   on-line marketing   web design - events   Web Design - travel agency   Publishing Group

Client: Mediática PR/PR
Web design.
  Client: Trazos Sociales/Non for profit organization
Web design.
  Client: Avira/Asociación de Aseguradores de Vida y Retiro de la Rep.Argentina
Web design.
  Client: Communication art group/Communication and content
Web design.
  Client: New York Organ Donor Network /Non for profit organization
on-line design   diseño web   web solutions   online design   Blog

Client: Maraló/Events
Web design.
  Client: Logic Fit/Exercise instruction and personal training
CMS Solution .
  Client: Fundación del Viso/ Non for profit organization
Web design.
  Client: Café Sibarita/Coffee makers
Web design.
  Client: Havanna/Alfajores, cookies, chocolates
Web design.
on-line design   CMS Solution   web design   on-line marketing   e-commerce

Client: Mechanics in Motion/Exercise training and dance
CMS Solution.
  Client: Gino Lozano/Hairdressers
Web design.
  Client: Kinder/Chocolates
Web design.
  Client: Tic Tac/Mints
Web design.
  Client: Avira/Asociación de Aseguradores de Vida y Retiro de la Rep.Argentina
Web design.
CMS Solution   on-line development   on-line branding   on-line branding   web solutions

Client: Quennell/Wines
Web design.
  Client: Fenoglio/Chocolates
Web design.
  Client: Alterhaus/Construction & development group
Web design.
  Client: Promostar/Furniture
Web design.
  Client: Glôssa/Linguistic solutions
Web design.
BtoC   web design   on-line design   web bussiness   web solutions


Client: Ferrero Argentina/Chocolates
& confectionery products
Web design.
  Client: Anticipar/Risk managment
Web design.
  Client: Alarys/Latin American Insurance Association
Web design.
on-line design   web bussiness   web design        

Do you really need a website?

Definitely YES. Whoever wants to interact with you will want to check you out on the web. The way you present yourself on your website will influence the way people feel about you. And if you want to communicate with a large target audience, the web is the most powerful and cost-effective medium you can use.

You already have a website, so why change?

Possibly for the same reason that you update your closet from time to time: the style of presentation on the web continues to evolve just as design does everywhere. You must ensure your website is looking contemporary and is communicating exactly on-message to the people you want to reach.

How will a website achieve what I want to?

Aims, targets, markets, results, profits, return on investment… Tell us what are your goals and we will plan and develop the design of the website accordingly. A great website starts with clear objectives and employs clear communication tools: well chosen words, real added value and the best possible design.

How much does a website cost?

Each project is different and quoted on an individual basis but we know from our clients that we offer outstanding service, terrific value for money and great design work.

Let´s talk about the process.

It all starts with a briefing questionnaire. With the information you provide, we will quote an accurate price and timescale. If this is agreed we will produce a schematic diagram to show how the navigation works and how the various sections link together. Once this is approved, we will produce static visuals for the home page and for typical content pages to agree the layout and styling. Careful thought and great skill must be brought to bear at this stage because crucial decisions will be made which will affect the function and ergonomics of the site, its functionality, and its effectiveness as well as its aesthetics.

And then…

Only after these visuals have been signed off by the client will anything begin to be set in code. All need to be assembled: the copy, photographs, maps, diagrams and charts. If anything requires animation, sound design or video production it will be executed using the appropriate software tools. When the site has reached a certain stage clients can view work in progress by accessing a link on our web server. When the site is ready to ‘go live’ it is carefully tested to ensure it works on all the major browsers and operating systems. We add all the necessary meta information/keywords which is necessary for search engines and a Google Analytics code to monitor traffic to the site.

Who will be my contact?

You will have a project manager who will oversee what we do for you and will coordinate the different elements like research, words, illustrations, pictures, images, and so on.

I have my website, what now?

Having a site is like having a garden: making it attractive and productive is an on-going process. You must keep the content of your site interesting, updated and relevant and then let people know it’s there and encourage them to visit. There are many ways of driving visitors to your site apart from search engines but whoever you are trying to attract (including search engine robots) your site must be relevant, interesting and topical.

The meta information is carefully constructed and not just the keywords. The title and description of a page will be displayed in search results and people will read this to check your site’s relevance before they click through to it (or not!).

Become visible….

It is imperative to build the coding of websites in a way that search engine robots can actually understand the contents. When robots spider a site they cannot understand text that is trapped in programs like Flash - it’s invisible to them. They can’t see what images are showing unless you put a tag or caption to describe it. They can only read text and text is only robot-readable text if your cursor changes to a vertical ‘I’ when hovering over the words (unless they are linked words of course).

Too many websites look beautiful but are invisible to search engines and consequently they never appear in search engine listings. This doesn’t mean that websites need to be dull; additional parallel pages in HTML text and accessed via am XML site map will enable your site to be crawled and indexed accordingly.

Be interesting!

We all want quality results and yet everyone wants their own site to appear top of the list. We can’t have it both ways so let’s play fair and help the search engines do their job by giving them what they are looking for: content which is relevant to a particular search word or phrase. And relevant content is usually content which is focused, rich, detailed and comprehensive.


If your website never changes from one month to the next, you will drop down the ranks. With content management systems (CMS) you can take control over all or part of the contents of your site. Also, we can offer you a monthly SEO maintenance package.

How do I sell things on my website?

There are several ways to have e-commerce on your website: at the most basic level we can provide a simple e-commerce module with a simple content management site, which will be very easy to learn to use and you can put all your products on your virtual shelves ready for consumers to buy.

Aren’t CMS (Content Managed System) websites complicated and expensive?

Not the ones we build. We provide CMS solutions that are very simple to use and very affordable.

What are the objectives for the website?

Unless you have well defined objectives the site will lack focus and you are probably wasting valuable opportunities to exploit the real power of communicating over the web.

Are you talking to your target audience?

Understanding whom you are trying to reach will determine the style of language, the layout and ordering of information, the choice of images and photos. Website technology is now so powerful it can enable targets to be hit with precision, providing they have been carefully defined and understood.

Fusión3 translates the character and personality of your company into the language of the web.

This customer-centric analysis enables us to create structure, content and design all focused on the same thing: a simple, clean, elegant, functional web experience. An online environment that minimizes clutter, excessive clicks, and maximizes ROI.

A consistent, standards-compliant, easy-to-use interface is key to enabling site visitors to quickly and efficiently locate the information they need.

Have questions or need help? Contact us!