Point of sale

Print - POS

Client: Kinder Gran Sorpresa/Chocolates
POS design.
  Client: Kinder Maxi Sorpresa/Chocolates
Floorstand design.

POS creativity   floorstand

  Client: Ferrero Rocher/Chocolates
POS design & concept development for special occasions.
  Client: Ferrero Rocher/Chocolates
  Client: Ferrero Rocher/Chocolates
Exhibitor in-store.

  POP creativity for special occasions   floorstand   exhibitor  

  Client: Tic Tac/Mints
Crowner design/in-store.
  Client: Argencert/Organic Certifying company
Banner design for trade shows.
  Client: Fundación del Viso/Non profit
Banner design..

  crowner design   point of purchase   banner design  

A strong POS design and collateral campaign effectively engages the client and is rich with reasoning of why your products or services have value to their specific needs.

Sounds simple, right? Well the philosophy may be, but the delivery takes a lot of creativity and expertise. Deliver effective POP services and collateral campaigns that produce results. Engaging Fusión3 for your next visual merchandising campaign, now that is simple.

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