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We offer Social Media Marketing Services. That is to say, we help you spark the conversion with your clients and consumers.



Client: Latinvision, Banking Conference, NYC
  Client: Latinvision, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference, NYC
Client: Latinvision, Ceo´s Summit Conference, NYC
  Client: Fusion3USA
eBlast Non for profit communication.

Client: Maraló/Events
E newsletter.

Latinvision, Turism Conference, NYC   Latinvision, Turism Conference, NYC   Latinvision, Ceo´s Summit Conference, NYC   E-blast Non profit communication   diseño y envío de mkt viral

Client: Latin Vision/Business portal
Email marketing.
  Client: NLP/Coaching Services
Email E-promotional campaign.
  Client:Health Department/Argentina/Tobacco Control Program
Online educational newsletter.

Viral marketing.

Email mktg   Email promotional campaign.   Online educational newsletter.   viral marketing

Client: Kinder/Chocolates
Viral marketing for special occasions.
  Client: Fundación del Viso/Non for Profit Organization
Online newsletter.
  Client: Club Med/ Tourism, Travel & Hospitality
Event promotion.

viral marketing for special occasions   on-line newsletter   promotional communication

Client: El Club de Comerciantes/Business promotion & consulting/USA
Online magazine.
Client: Online magazine.
Email promotional campaign.

Client: La Jirafa con Tacones /Marketing, communications & advertising
Online magazine.

Client: Quenell/Wines
Promotional eBlast.

online magazine Email promotional campaign. on-line newsletter e-mail promotion

Client: Gino Lozano Hair Technique/Beauty
Direct Marketing eBlast.
  Client: Latinvision, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference, NYC
Client: Fusion3USA
Email marketing Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries communication.


Direct Marketing E-blast e-blast - Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference   Email mktg Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries communication.        

At the end of the day it’s all about marketing services and marketing is all about people: the way they behave and the way they react.

Effective marketing strategies usually employ a mix of media and messages that are carefully tuned to a targeted audience.

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising. It helps you grow your business because it provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

We manage and monitor email campaigns on behalf of clients by simple loading, execution and analysis.

From strategy to production, we build, manage and extend your digital presence.

We have the experience and the marketing tools: from managing and producing email newsletter programs to exhaustive content management systems and dynamic online banner campaigns.

What you will get is intelligent analytics and conversion reports, ensuring that your message not only gets out but is also constantly optimized and improved.

Our online marketing services include:

• E-Blast design (visuals and content)
• E-communication consultation
• Flexible testing environment
• Speed/High volume capabilities
• Personalized content capabilities
• Full functionality analysis
• Real time delivery tracking
• Comprehensive reporting on campaign results.

Unlike many software solutions for email campaigns, this service gives the optional benefit of total management of the campaign from data loading and checking to final analysis. We can provide design, text development, segmentation and data cleansing.

This service offers clients a cost-effective way of reaching selected targets, using an appropriate medium that facilitates communication in multi-channel marketing activities.

Database Marketing

In the context of today’s highly competitive and increasingly time sensitive markets, database marketing practices offer significant benefits over traditional “broad-brush” direct marketing techniques.

Our database marketing services include:

• Data cleansing, de-duplication and fusion-ensuring a single record for a single entity.
• Customer segmentation and profiling-to enable implementation of targeted marketing campaigns.
• Campaign management-dedicated Account Management to assist with campaign design, execution and monitoring-real value from our experience.
• Web-based management information reporting-provides you with easy, instant access to pre-determined key information.
• Web-based analytical processing & data mining

Banner ads & online ads

Explore all of the possibilities to create dynamic ads that inform and entertain the audience.

Promoting your business or services by email can be a powerful and effective method of communication. Messages can be delivered quickly and cost effectively, tailored to your specific audience.

Digital Intelligence – The Science of Digital Marketing

The science of digital marketing is about technology that delivers, measures and serves your campaigns and messages to the right people, at the right time for the most value.

From the web to mobile phones to kiosks anywhere in the world, we use the science of digital marketing so you can make the most of every digital dollar in any medium.

Whether you’re looking at global search or ad management across multiple engines or sites, our services will help you acquire, target, and retain the customers you want, and get the intelligence you need to make the best decisions.

Whether you’re looking at global search or ad management across multiple engines or sites,will help you acquire, target, and retain the customers you want, and get the intelligence you need to make the best decisions.

Why do You Need Online Marketing?

- Most customers go to the Internet first to find what they need before they call or visit a store or business.

- Effective use of Online Marketing can help your company show up on search engines when a potential customer is searching for your products and services.

- A potential customer may not know your business name or website address. Instead, they will type keywords into search engines to find the products they want.

Online Marketing can help you stand out from your competition with specific activities such as:

- Local Search Visibility will get your business listed in the local online directories where customers looking for products and services in your area will be able to find you.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of making enhancements to your website to influence its rankings in search engines. It takes time and know-how. We can help.

- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sometimes called Pay Per Click advertising, works with a predefined budget to target qualified leads to your business and actively monitor the results. This can be a quick way to generate more leads with relatively quick results.

- Online Media Marketing promotes your business using Press Releases, E- Blasts, online promotions and E-Mail marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services includes -but is not limited to-:

- Submitting your website to search engines
- Performing competitive analysis
- Performing keyword harmonics
- Analyzing and responding to statistics
- Actively creating link building to your own website
- Finding new keywords and generating new content.

Fusión3 combines both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to get the highest ROI. It can take many months to achieve high ranking in the engines for highly saturated keywords, especially for a new website who is trying to enter Google for the first time. We can help you with SEM, blogging and Web 3.0 communities.

Social media marketing

Of course we know about the importance of outbound marketing. Please learn more abut our social media marketing services.

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