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You could say we are creative problem solvers. Fusión3 is a creative resource for your next project. Our job is to communicate and raise awareness utilizing positive branding, internet marketing strategies, social media marketing, creative print advertising, web design packages and anything else we can cook up.

Fusión3 is a creative agency that specializes inbound marketing and communications for the general market and multicultural groups, specially the Hispanic Market.

Through smart concepts and strategic direction, we use all possible communication skills to meet your goals. Simply put, we build buzz.

Our communication tactics aim to strengthen our client's products and services marketing and help building their Brand Equity.


Packaging design.

Label design.

• Visual Merchandising techniques / Point of sale marketing (POS).

• Out of home advertising

• Magazine Advertising

• Creative print advertising

Collateral material.

Editorial graphic design


Web design.

• Content Management systems (CMS)

• Mobile & Wireless Marketing.

• Blogging websites.

• Social Media Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) + SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

• Inbound Marketing.

• Website content management

• Interactive presentation ideas and development

E-mail advertising (concept creation, design and delivery, including data tracking & analysis).

E-newsletter design

• Targeted content for special markets.

• Bilingual copywriting services

• Press Release writing.

• Proofreading services.

Content translation services.

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