portfolio videos

Commercials, shorts, animations, films.

Images, words, action.

The audiovisual language and the video format as narrative support allow many production possibilities, according to the message, budget, script writing, creativity, media, and, of course, the audience.

Commercials, shorts, animations, films, presentations, guides, corporate videos, educational videos, direct response, viral marketing and documentaries.

We develop the concept, the script, the creativity, the executive production and the editing. We deliver the video, animation or film in the appropriate format to be promoted online/web, DVD, broadcast or branded package for a special event.

Client: Creative Squad/ 24/7 Emergency Design Design
Promotional animation.


Reel 3D
Tic Tac, Hanuta, Noggy and other 3D animations.

  Fusión3 Corporate Reel

creative squad - Promotional video   Reel 3D   Fusión3 Corporate Reel